Supply chain management

Supply chain management, is a solution for tracking livestock and diary(from farm to house) and fresh food that focuses more on developing markets. As an approach, it tracks material from farm to customer’s house and also Provides consumers, supply chain companies, and authorities a tool with access to food history and product quality assessment.



There are several parts in this product that we designed that make treatment process easy to patient , doctors , pharmacy, insurance and health centers. in the first phase we will discuss the electronic prescription and medical records for patients.



E-BOL stand by electronic bills of lading. A Bill of Lading (sometimes abbreviated to B/L or BoL) is a document issued by a carrier (or his agent) to acknowledge receipt of cargo for shipment. Every transfer in the world starts with carrier issuing a Bill of Lading document that acknowledges the receipt of the cargo. Anyone in possession of the document can claim the goods at a port, making it is the most important document in the shipping industry. Bills of lading provide a detailed report of the transported cargo and also include the shipping dates and the costs involved. This is a mandatory document, and every freight has one.